About us

The G.E.T.A

Welcome to The G.E.T.A, where we help spread awareness on the importance of human trafficking. The G.E.T.A was formed by 6 female students who attend Crenshaw High School. Our purpose for this website is to spread information, provide resources, and assist on providing ways to prevent human trafficking and/or help someone who is involved with human trafficking. Throughout this website we are raising the importance of this topic and hoping to give you guys an eye opener on how little information is being given out to the public. Trafficking is happening everywhere and there is not much coverage on it as there should be. Anyone can be a victim: It could be your mother, your father, your brother, your best friend or even you next and we cannot allow that to happen. So we hope with this website, you learn  something about the importance of this topic and are able to hep yourself or someone in general.